Frank Downie House

To provide 24 hour care to elderly clients. Whilst enabling them to lead as independent a life as possible.

Current opportunities

We would like someone who is interested in music and to encourage our residents to participate in the session, we are looking for them to gain confidence by participating in singing along or listening to different types of music. Ideally we would like our residents to participate in the activity whether they are singing as a group or if they are confident enough to sing on their own. We would encourage the volunteer to ask for requests for the following week’s session and if possible have some song sheets available. We need an enthusiastic, outgoing volunteer who is interested in planning each session with potential themes to make each music hour that little bit different. We require them to help our less able members to get the most out of this session. Some residents may find it difficult to communicate verbally but are able to express themselves through music.

Knitting offers opportunities for creativity and achievement. Knitting basics can be learned easily, but knitting offers enough complexity for a lifetime of interest as a hobby or a career. Duties included are providing help with those wishing to learn the form of knitting/crochet or tapestry. Making of tea and coffee, set up and clear away at end of day. The ability of our residents will be varied so we need a little imagination as to what can be knitted. We would love to help our residents to enjoy some of their activities. A few have knitted in the past but now need a little help with patterns, casting on/off or just a little motivation by way of a new project. Others have created patchwork covers, clothing etc through sewing.

We are looking for an Activities Assistant to help with organising and running activities for our residents. Ideally we would be looking for someone who is keen to get to know people and talking in small groups. We are looking for people with enthusiasm, a sense of humour, good communication skills, experience of life, and an ability to teach or pass on skills (practical or creative) who would like to come in and share their skills in a group setting. Activities can be tailored to individual interests and may involve smaller groups as one or more activity can take place daily. We are always open to suggestions and activities such as Skittles, Dominos & Bingo as well as armchair exercises and reminiscence sessions.

We are looking for someone who enjoys being in the company of older people and would enjoy spending a few hours on a regular basis organising arts & crafts activities with our residents. Tasks include: setting up room/venue, organising materials & clearing the materials away. We require someone to assist our residents with a variety of arts & crafts activities, support them in their choice and if you have ideas of your own feel free to share them and someone might be interested in doing that.. Art & Craft Activities can include card making, glass painting, mosaics, material work, clay work - the list is endless!