Stay safe. Remember the most important contribution everyone can make is to stay at home to help protect ourselves and others. Those who are well and not at risk can provide essential support for their family, friends and neighbours

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Ayrshire Childrens Services CIC

ACS endeavours to work in partnership with children aged 7-11 years who additional support needs through periods of transition and change to aid in their personal development. We aim to: 1) Promote the empowerment of children to help them to become confident individuals 2) Support the active participation of children in the service they recieve 3) Promote equal opportunities to service users and adhere to the standards, practice and ethical guidelines by the Scottish Government. Provides a club for children needing additional support needs

Current opportunity

Support children with Autism who are struggling to cope with lockdown and understanding COVID-19 Volunteers will facilitate essential support to help children to access respite from lockdown, these children are unable to self-regulate and can’t understand why there are changes in their routines. This help will make families better able to cope with the current changes coronavirus brings. The children who require support are not able to be supported in normal youth care environments, volunteers are required to deal with autistic behaviours, so we require volunteers to have experience and current PVG. By supporting these children to get out, even a small amount of time, for exercise or just to play is essential to their mental and physical health. Under the governments amended ‘coronavirus guidance for exercise’ makes it clear that, if you are autistic or have a learning disability, you can leave your home more than once a day. If they require a carer they do not have to stay two meters apart.