Westfield Park Community Centre

Charity registered in Scotland SC000969

We are a small charity based in a population of 1,900 people in the middle of Falkirk. We aim to reach as many people as possible from all age groups, people with mental health issues, people with disabilities, people on low income, families with young children, and carers.

Our recent emergency provision of food parcels during the beginning of the COVID pandemic demonstrates we understand what our community needs through its quick response to help over 2,000 local people. The community has still been involved as they wanted a food pantry run by local volunteers and our membership continues to rise.

Weekly programme of events which ran up to March 17th 2020 but closed due to COVID included the following:

  • Arts and Crafts Group (10 participants)
  • Share a Craft (15 participants)
  • Writing Group (12 participants)
  • Drama Group (10 participants)
  • Job Club/Computer (10 participants)
  • Community Café (20 participants)
  • Girls' Group
  • Junior Youth Club (primary 4-7 age group, 45 participants)
  • Senior Youth Club (secondary school age group, 20 participants)
  • Bog Bairns Football (primary school age group, 20 participants)
  • Move It or Lose It for over 50s (15 participants)
  • Urdo for primary school children (10 participants)

Weekly room lets for activities such as:

  • Senior Football Team (14 participants)
  • Tae Kwon-Do (60 participants)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (20 participants)
  • Rainbow Muslim Women's Group (45 participants)
  • Residents' Association meetings (6 participants)
  • Councillors’ Surgeries (16 participants)
  • Citizen Advice Bureau services (5 participants)

We also had new groups just established:

  • The Scottish Courts (8 participants)
  • Cycling UK (20 participants)
  • Parent and Toddler Group for Parents from Syria and Iraq (10 participants)
  • Yoga and step classes for Muslim women (6 participants)

These all ran prior to the shutdown due to COVID, we also had children's parties and fundraising bingo events, along with other social events.

Current opportunities

If you have a love for baking then this role is for you. Westfield Park Comunity Centre (SCIO) is looking for someone who can bake delicious goods for our community and fundraising events. This role is very flexible and can be carried out around your other commitments. Food hygiene procedures need to be followed but volunteer will be provided with support on this. The baker volunteer will have the ability to bake delicious goods for the community centre's events and follow basic food hygiene practices. They will communicate with the volunteer co-ordinator to meet event requirements and bring in baked goods on time to community centre when needed. The ideal person for this role will show attention to detail, creativity, will be good under pressure, patient, flexible, and can communicate effectively.

A great opportunity to make a difference in young people's lives, assisting with planning and delivering activities to build the youths' confidence, bring enthusiasm and create lots of fun whilst equipping them for the future. This role could be perfect for an experienced youth worker or students who can be a positive role model to the younger ones. A youth club volunteer will assist in the development, delivery and evaluation of youth club activities. They will be supporting the the integration of sustainable principles within the youth club, as well as assisting with the promotion of Westfield Park Community Centre (SCIO) and the youth club via word of mouth and social media. The ideal candidate for this role will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work under own initiative. A creative and enthusiastic person who has a passion for young people will be ideal for this role.

A role to get to creative and have lots of fun whilst planning and delivering community and fundraising events for Westfield Park Community Centre's (SCIO) charity. A great chance to develop your organisational, project management, interpersonal, and creative skills which will enhance your CV. Volunteering is the perfect way to meet new people and give back to the community. An events volunteer will assist with the general running of events including set-up and pack-down when required to. They will work as a team to ensure the events run smoothly and help to raise funds for the community centre whilst supporting other charities/community projects in the local area. They will have the ability to contribute new ideas to the team whilst working effectively together to achieve goals. This role could be ideal for those who studied or is studying event or project management. Those who have great organisational and time management skills and enjoy working with children and families will be suitable for this role.