Parenting Together

Parenting Together is a national children’s charity advocating for young people involved with Social Services and Family Law. We provide free Family Law services aimed at achieving favourable long-term outcomes for disadvantaged/disabled children and parents or living in deprived areas.

Current opportunities

Part of team focussed on safeguarding Learning Difficulties children and their parents. The most vulnerable, bullied, and exploited minority group is disadvantaged at school, in the family courts and in their community. Parenting Together Trustee Chair is also the CEO of providing legal services and Expert support to prevent any taking advantage or exploiting them in Family Court proceedings. There are several roles to chose from: As a Delegate for the charity you will contact other local charitable groups looking for synergy or potential joint projects. We arrange Zoom training courses on safeguarding and youth behaviour problems for parents. Support Coordinator is both the most traumatising and the most rewarding role. As the title suggests, you may need to help Learning Difficulties parents prepare a written statement for the Court and to arrange a support network of close friends and relatives.

Parenting Together Charity Reg. 1149523 Ranks in the top 1% in the UK for safeguarding Learning Difficulties children and parents. Our volunteers work in the community or individualised support and assistance. We provide Expert Testimony, Safeguarding courses and professional reports for parents involved in family court proceedings. We recorded a Serious Incident Report to the Charity Commission where nineteen volunteers and Trustees were disassociated, primarily because of confidentiality breaches and misrepresenting the charity to intimidate Social Workers The charity has excellent feedback from extremely vulnerable service users, We apply low tolerance of anything less than patient kindness towards our service users and train everyone to professional standards, ethically and morally.