Dogs Trust (South Lanarkshire)

The objects of DOGS TRUST shall be (and for the avoidance of doubt whether within the United Kingdom or elsewhere throughout the World) to protect dogs and such other animals in the Trustee's discretion from maltreatment, cruelty, suffering

Current opportunity

The Dogs Trust are looking for volunteers to join their Freedom Project team to help offer solutions to people fleeing from domestic abuse who are unable to take their pets into refuge. Volunteers will have the opportunity to care for a dog without the lifetime commitment and will help individuals fleeing from domestic abuse and their dogs escape from an abusive home. The Dogs Trust will cover all expenses for food, veterinary bills, etc. and will carry out monthly monitoring visits to ensure the foster dog has settled in well. When we visit we will bring you any new toys, treats or equipment that you need. If you are interested in applying then please complete the following online enquiry form: