Scottish Chinese Professionals

Scottish Chinese Professionals is the Chinese professional association in Scotland that aims to unite, support, develop and promote global Chinese professionals and Scotland-China professionals.

Current opportunities

Administrative Assistants – We seek to recruit personnel who could communicate in Mandarin and/or Cantonese to provide general assistance to our virtual Support Centre over emails and phone calls, redirecting clients to relevant organisations for specific problems. Administrative Assistants will also help talking with elderly for their enquiries and make note of potential victims or witnesses who report hate incidents / crime. We also welcome people who only speak one language English/Chinese

English & Chinese Interpreters (Mandarin & Cantonese) – Many of the Chinese community members could not understand English well and may need non-emergency translation help and explanations on how this pandemic could affect them and how to protect themselves and others.

Get more exposure for Support Centre and promote its 30 Community Projects: Generate digital content to raise general public awareness of our support centre work and engage our stakeholders we work with – from clients to volunteers and local organisations Liaise with local media (UK and Europe) and communities to promote Support Centre services and cover more stories Develop and manage social media to reach more audiences, help them become more accessible to our services.

To translate official paperwork for the UKFCP (interpreting instructions into a format understandable by all Chinese / British professionals). To help to check translation work, ensuring the target text with maximal fluency and free of errors, literal translations, and cumbersome expressions. Proofreading, editing, revising, and finishing translated content at high quality To assign tasks to members and ensure that weekly translation deadlines are met. Work closely with other team leaders