No-One Dies Alone Ayrshire SCIO (NA)

Charity registered in Scotland SC049674

4 The Organisation is established for charitable purposes only, and in particular the relief of those in need by reason of ill-health. This will be achieved by: 4.1 - advancing compassionate care at the end of life. 4.2 - promoting change in the way we help members of the community at the end of life. 4.3 - relieving the loneliness and/or suffering of people at the end of life

Current opportunities

To chat with people who are feeling isolated and alone. We are a registered charity (SC049674) who sit with people who are dying and alone in their final hours. We also support people who have families that need support and/or respite. At this present time due to coronavirus we are offering telephone support to the above, but also to the wider community. The post can be at least one daily telephone call to be made to one person, less if needed. A few more people can be supported each day if you wish. We will carry out a brief interview through video call where we will also fill in an application and PVG form. We are looking for volunteers with experience of just listening/counselling and also volunteers for general chatting to break up people's days.

No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire are looking for more compassionate companions for their face to face vigiling service, to sit with people who are dying and alone. Companions will be trained and fully supported through peer support and regular companion support groups. A PVG check will be required. There is no other care involved.

We are a pan-Ayrshire group of community volunteers who sit with people who are dying; we also offer respite and support to those with families who need a break. We aim to ensure No-one Dies Alone by providing training and support to volunteers who will sit with people who are dying and alone, or with families who need some support. We are looking for Board Members who will be committed to our organisation and willing to help in any way they can. As a volunteer Board member you will help to provide strategic direction to the organisation, ensure it has enough funds to operate and provide support to any paid staff. Volunteer Board members are also Charity Trustees. The Board is responsible for ensuring the organisation is run well, adheres to charity law and best practice and has enough funds and resources to operate efficiently as well as meeting all legal obligations. The Board as a whole acts as the employer for all paid staff. Minimum expectations would include attending 3 of the quarterly Board meetings per year and responding to any emails in between meetings.