Community Listening Service

Based in health, care and community settings, Community Listening Service is a service that promotes wellbeing by offering an active spiritual listening service. The Community Listening Service helps people explore their deepest hurts and draw strength from their own inner resources and from the communities of support around them. The Community Listening Service is a short term, early intervention model of person-centred, assets-based, spiritual listening with the aim of promoting personal and communal spiritual wellbeing.

Current opportunity

Can you be a good listener? Could you help someone explore what they are going through? The Community Listening Service helps people (re)discover hope and inner strength in times of “illness, change and loss”. Community Listening Service Listeners do not offer counselling, but they offer the person a space to talk, to tell their story in their own time, for their own wellbeing, with the knowledge that the listener is there to listen. Volunteers can play a vital role supporting the work of the Department of Spiritual Care within NHS Grampian/CLS. Listening to people’s concerns can help them feel less isolated and anxious while helping them feel more hopeful and valued in a confidential and non-judgemental way. There is no requirement for volunteers or service users to be a member of a faith or belief group, just be able to provide a service that has patients at the heart, where they can feel safe, seen and heard, allowing them the space to reflect on their own personal situations. A fantastic opportunity help. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated. For further details please contact us at email or telephone: 07584 217 192 or 01224 553316.