STAND International (Aberdeen Volunteers)

We are STAND International. We work with disadvantaged communities across Scotland and abroad. We make a difference by offering participants in our programmes the opportunity to Start A New Day (STAND) by providing training and support and placements within partner charities abroad.

We believe everyone has the potential to be able to turn their lives around and do something great.

Current opportunity

- Willing to participate in activities and learn about new cultures? - Ready to create social change and improve peoples lives? No matter where you are in Scotland, you have access to training and learning opportunities abroad that can help you gain skills, boost confidence, and earn qualifications. Our organisation offers multiple trips throughout the year, with mentors available to provide support. We partner with other organizations to offer placements in Ghana, Romania, and potentially Eastern European countries, each with a unique set of activities and tasks that focus on developing various skills. We offer shorter 3 to 4 day trips for young people, aged 16-30, as well as longer trips of 2 to 3 weeks for anyone over 16. An exciting and great opportunity to help and make a difference. For more information please contact Megan Beattie, Project Delivery Lead at email: or telephone: 0131 659 9943. Further information is also available at: