Stand International

Charity registered in Scotland SC037667

Dedicated to working with marginalised groups and individuals in disadvantaged communities in Scotland and overseas.

We work in part, by utilising the skills and talents of individuals and groups and channelling these into practical responses which contribute to building civic society. For some this involves becoming involved in short term volunteering projects with a group of other like minded volunteers travelling to another country whilst for others it involves undertaking longer term volunteering through our placements scheme run in partnership with STAND International and preferred partners in the other european countries we are involved.

We do this by :

Brokering resources between groups/projects to ensure peoples contribution ensures maximum benefit for all those involved.

Help people identify and overcome their barriers to becoming involved in voluntary projects and programmes that benefit their communities.

Help disadvantaged groups and individuals develop their skills and knowledge and increase their opportunities for self and community development.

Help young people develop their potential and become more involved in an inclusive society.
Over the years we have also developed a number of partnerships with organisations in a variety of European countries including the UK who are keen address the many layers of discrimination and exploitation whether in relation to age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or social stigma.

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