Fintry Community Garden

The goal of this project is not just one, but many. I want to create a green space for all, not just adults or kids or certain people with specialised skills, but a place where all can share. Somewhere to come and relax or come and take part. A place that allows people to give as much or as little as they can manage. An environment that allows people to see and appreciate life, through plants such as fruits and vegetables as well as wildlife. The hope is this will contribute to the north east local community plan 2017 – 2022 as well as the Dundee city council biodiversity plan.

Current opportunity

Volunteers can be involved with gardening tasks, designing new areas of garden development, planning and running events. We are always keen to build on volunteer’s interests, skills and experience and therefore encourage suggestions and ideas and volunteers from all walks of life. It is not expected new volunteers to be an expert, or even to have any previous gardening experience. We welcome an array of skills.