Zero Waste Aberdeen

Zero Waste Aberdeen focuses on volunteers working together to make the environment in Aberdeen and Shire better.

Current opportunity

We are a young democratically run organisation that needs to grow. At the moment we are a small group working at projects that reduce waste and we intend that Aberdeen and Shire become zero waste areas. That is, that everything we use becomes part of a circular economy and is not discarded needlessly to be tipped or burned. Currently, our main projects are :- *Go Green Café *Trash to Treasure *Men's Sheds *Planting Fruit Trees for Community Benefit These worthy projects are undertaken alongside family and work commitments but we need to do more if we are to make inroads to the waste we generate each day. That presents exciting opportunities for volunteers. Our next step then, is for more 'Trustees' to join with us to take on an officer of the board role, or to become an ordinary member and help steer the way forward to a successful reduction of waste to zero. If you’re/for more information then please do get in touch with Brian Allan at email or tel.: 07751275757.