Bird Garden Scotland CIC

  1. Promoting and maintaining high standards of animal welfare and husbandry.
  2. Establish an educational resource for use both in-situ and through outreach.
  3. The promotion of conservation issues both nationally and internationally.
  4. Providing training opportunities.
  5. Providing avian behavioural research opportunities.
  6. Providing equal opportunities for successful participation by all sections of the community.
  7. Providing suitable breeding and rearing facilities for threatened and endangered birds.
  8. Promote good record keeping ensuring genetic diversity.
  9. Participate in global efforts to safeguard the future of threatened species.
  10. Bringing people and birds together on an informative and inspirational level.
  11. Providing artistic opportunity with groundwork developments, installations and landscaping.

Current opportunity

You could get involved with building suitable breeding enclosures, looking after the grounds and helping care for hundreds of rare birds and animals in our effort to help save species. Bird Gardens Scotland is a new visitor attraction in the Scottish Borders and our aim is the preservation of threatened birds and animals. If you are interested in construction of aviaries and animal shelters, maintenance, creative gardening, animal care or simply wish to help prepare the morning’s food then there are many opportunities for all and of all abilities. There are also opportunities for someone with IT skills to help update the website and work on social media. Skills/Experience Required: We have opportunities for all. If you have construction and maintenance skills then there is a diverse range of tasks planned; there are aviaries for kookaburra, capercaillie, black grouse and kookaburra to build, a flamingo house to construct, fencing, sheds, rearing units, concrete ponds, etc. Lots to do and many diverse challenges. If you are a green-fingered god or goddess, then we have seven acres which we are turning into a series of gardens to house the birds and make the site a joy to be beheld. There are hundreds of trees to plant, water-gardening, we have two acres of orchard and vegetable garden that needs caring for, if you have propagation skills, caring for seedlings, etc then this would be a great place for to have lots of fun. If you have animal care skills, then there are nearly four hundred birds on site and various mammals in the pipe-line that need daily health checks, watering, fed and their pens that need cleaning. In the breeding season there are hundreds of chicks that need cared for so there is always lots to do.