Tools with a Mission

Charity registered in Scotland SC044069

The charitable work of Tools with a Mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world for livelihood creation. We send around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools every year.

Current opportunities

The role is to talk to groups in your local community leaving them with the challenge to support TWAM through the groups you speak to will be diverse in nature You will be speaking in your general geographical area but how far you go is up to you as you are free to accept or decline talk requests as you wish.Typical tasks may include Taking calls and emails and arranging talk engagements Preparing a presentation Carrying out the talk Passing on any donations made

The role of the collector is to respond to requests from members of the public to collect tools they have to donate and to store them for the TWAM van to collect. There is considerable flexibility in this role timewise as collections can be made at any time agreed between you and the donor. Typical tasks may include Taking calls and emails from members of the public and arranging collection times driving to collect tools from people and bringing them back to your storage area.

You will be looking for opportunities to promote TWAM and to raise TWAM’s profile helping us to collect more tools, raise more money to support the work and to attract additional volunteers. The role is networking, wide ranging and flexible but some things you might do include: Putting literature into local churches Asking groups if they would like a speaker to come and speak Putting on an event to raise money Arranging a Tool collection Supporting Events Building a Strong Network