Oshay's FASD

We deliver awareness of FASD this is a personal experience. We do workshops, kids clubs and one to one family support. We also deliver presentations on FASD to organisations.

Current opportunities

We are a none profit community interest company that is just starting up. We deliver workshops on getting the awareness of FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) out to as many people as possible. Professionals, Foster Carers, Adopters, Teachers and family members. This is brain damage and doesn't go away, its a lifelong condition that stays with the baby, child or Adult. We are looking for volunteers to help with a variety of things we need money to help us grow. We need someone to help market our services. We also need volunteers to help with the kid's group. If you think you would be interested in anything of something I haven't messaged I would be interested in your thoughts. We need to build a strong team around us.

We run an organisation about FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) we are running workshops, support groups and go into schools to teach people about the effects of drinking while you're pregnant. The guidelines are not clear. We are trying to educate everyone that WORKS children of adults with FASD we are an organisation that no one knows about and it has been extremely hard to get people to come on board as they don't understand what FASD is. Fasd is a brain condition and it effects. 172,000 people in Scotland alone. This condition is 100% preventable. We are looking for someone to help us update Facebook with things about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder plus updates about our kid's clubs and workshops that we are doing. We would also like help with sending out regular tweets and finding some additional information that would benefit our organisation and looking at other social media outlets to promote FASD. This is a home based role but we would like you to attend team meetings for updates on FASD. We run workshops monthly so we will keep everyone updated on FASD. Ideally we are looking for someone to be able to offer 1 – 2 hours or more a week but any time would be really appreciate. We would very much appreciate any hours that you could do & if you need coaching we will provide this.