Highlife Highland

To provide horticultral and education for adults with learning difficulties in safe, healthy and diverse enviorment.

Current opportunity

The Grow Project provides therapeutic and educational based gardening activities for adults with learning difficulties. The Grow Projects promotes Organic Gardening, Wildlife and Recycling. The volunteering opportunity would involve helping the adults in mintaining and developing theri garden, promoting the GROW principles and helping produce products for sale. The GROw Project is specifically designed for adults with learning disabilities. It is operated on behalf of the National Health Service by the Inverness Botanic Gardens - a service within High Life Highland, an 'arms length' organisation set up by The Highland Council. The project provides a sympathetic workplace type environment that uses horticulture therapy training and work experience, and at times, qualifications and to improve trainee levels of independence, social inclusion, health, happiness. The Project can accommodate up to eight trainees per day and has a flexible approach to learning. This opportunity is to help at the GROW project - gardening for adults with learning difficulties. This requires a degree of physical fitness and an understanding of the challenges of working with adults with learning difficulties. This area is open 5 days a week 9am-4pm Monday to Friday. We would be happy with anyone who would like to help whole or part days, one day week or more than one. Volunteers need a reasonable degree of physical fitness and stamina sufficient to participate in our gardening activities which will involve quite long periods of standing. They also need the ability to lift and carry gardening items.