NHS Ward Volunteering Project-Vale of Leven

The aim of the ward volunteering project is to reduce social isolation and boredom amongst patients at the Vale of Leven Hospital.

It is acknowledged that long periods on the wards can lead to isolation and frustration for some patients due to a lack of stimulation and visitors. Volunteers can make a huge difference to the patient experience through chatting, sharing activities and assisting with other tasks that will benefit patient care and improve their overall stay.

Current opportunity

Can you make a difference to elderly patients within a health setting? Patients that have been in hospital for a prolonged period of time can experience isolation and frustration due to a lack of stimulation and visitors. We are looking for mature, confident volunteers with plenty of life experience to help improve the patients’ stay. The main role of the volunteer is to provide friendship and stimulation for elderly patients, many of whom will have some form of cognitive impairment. Tasks will include; • Chatting to patients on a one to one basis and exploring their personal interests • Reading to patients, or playing games such as dominos, board games and crosswords • Providing verbal encouragement and support to the patient during mealtimes • Supporting the activities coordinator with activities on the ward Volunteers can enhance their experience in hospital and potentially avoid them becoming frustrated, which can stem from prolonged periods of time where stimulation is lacking. Many of these patients don’t have visitors.