Little Guys and Dolls

A group for Down Syndrome kids ages 0-12 years old where they can bring mum and dad,gran and grandad and of course their siblings. It will have sing-along's, sensory groups for the younger kids of the group. Artys and crafts,knitting and crocheting etc for the older kids. I will have mum and dad for 20 mins and group session where i will have a speaker in to talk about benefits etc.
*To help kids thrive
*Making the family feel part of the community
*To help families understand (ie grandparents) the ups and downs of Down Syndrome.

Current opportunity

To work along side kids with different abilities and their families. To promote their health and well-being. It will give you an opportunity to gather some experience if seeking a career in nursing, child care or social care. We are a small group based in Shotts and facilitate a group for children with Down Syndrome and their siblings, parents/carers. Consisting of seven families. Duties would be to help set up the group, help round the kids to give parents/carers to a chance to get a cup of tea etc. so having a good outgoing personality would be essential and able to work with children. Be willing to help make teas and coffees if needed and to help at the end up the group to pack up.