MCR Pathways (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire)

Our vision is that every care-experienced and disadvantaged young person in Scotland gets the same education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as every other young person.

Current opportunities

MCR Pathways has been partnering with schools since 2007 so we know just how amazing the young people of Scotland are. However, sometimes due to situations out of their control, young people face challenges that make it more difficult for them to succeed. That’s why providing the simple support of a mentor is so important and has been proven to make a life-changing difference. This is where you can help... MCR recruits and trains volunteer mentors who are matched with a young person that shares similar interests, hobbies or career aspirations. Mentors meet with their young person at their school for just one hour per week and the difference this makes is transformational. The mentoring relationship is unique as young people establish a friendship with someone who’s there, just for them and is not a teacher, parent, guardian or counsellor. The impact on their life is huge. Recent ScotCen research shows 81.6% of mentored care-experienced pupils left school for college, university or a job, compared with 56.3% of those young people not being mentored. We are hoping to help even more young people in the area reach their potential and are looking for over 150 mentors from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire In Aberdeen St Machar Academy has been part of the programme since August 2018 and, in 2020 was joined by Northfield, Hazlehead, Dyce, Harlaw and Lochside Academies. Aberdeenshire schools participating in the programme are Banff, Fraserburgh, Inverurie, Peterhead and The Gordons Schools Huntly The only qualification you need to be a mentor is the desire to help. All young people are different and have different needs, so it’s important that our mentors come from all walks of life. Volunteer mentors are asked to commit just one hour a week for a minimum of one year and will be fully trained and PVG checked before being matched with a young person from an Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire school. The building of the relationship with a young person is facilitated by our fantastic MCR Pathways Coordinators who are based in each school and work with our young people on a daily basis. We’re asking you to #BeTheBridge between a young person’s talent and life possibilities. For only one hour per week, you can change a life. This year, why not do something to make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Register online at For any further details please contact us at email: (for volunteering in schools in Aberdeen City) or email: (for volunteering in schools in Aberdeenshire). Or telephone us on 07709249661.

Become a Mentor and #BeTheBridge for a Young Person Do you have just one hour per week to meet with a like-minded young person in school and chat about hobbies, interests and career aspirations you have in common? Mentoring charity MCR Pathways are looking for volunteer mentors to sign up and support a young person in one of six Aberdeen schools: Dyce Academy, Harlaw Academy, Hazlehead Academy, Lochside Academy, Northfield Academy and St Machar Academy. Meeting weekly, for a minimum of one year, volunteers can help a young person they are matched with to build confidence, aspirations and work towards a strong post-school destination. Not only does the pupil benefit, but the mentor gains a number of life skills and, most importantly, a friend for life. There are no qualifications required and full training is provided. All MCR asks is that mentors are over 21 and are there consistently for their young person. The signup process can be completed online and, as restrictions allow, face-to-face mentoring shall resume in schools where possible. You can #BeTheBridge between potential and possibility. There are so many young people who need a mentor that’s there just for them. For further details / to register your interest please visit or contact us at email: