Love Music

Established to provide public benefit in Scotland and elsewhere to promote, maintain, improve and advance education, appreciation, understanding of and access to the Arts, in particular to provide high quality access for children, young people and the wider community to create, participate in and perform music, not limited to any particular genre or style.

Current opportunity

Chaperones welcome parents/guardians and children to rehearsals, working together in teams of 3 or 4 to care for up to 20 children all term. Chaperones look after the children’s safety while moving around the building, and help pass on information about arrangements. Chaperones play an essential role in the safeguarding of the children, ensuring that they only leave with known adults, and taking an interest in the children’s wellbeing at rehearsals. They also help any children who benefit from a little extra support during rehearsals. The role is non-musical.