Lingo Flamingo

Lingo Flamingo teaches languages in care homes and day centres to promote well-being and keep the brain active. Our approach is based on research that shows that language learning can improve cognitive functions. Our classes are based on culture, fun and social interaction.
We are based in Glasgow but we teach across Scotland, as far as Aberdeen or the Isle of Arran.

Current opportunity

Do you speak a second language and want to share your language with older adults in care homes? You don't need have experience teaching: We offer training by the Open University and support throughout your volunteering. All you need is passion for languages and empathy! As Lingo Flamingo tutor you would share your language with a group of 5 to 8 people in care homes. You would talk about culture, music, food and simply have fun unlike a regular language class that is full of grammar and assessments. The most important thing is that you are available for 1 hour a week over 10 weeks, always same day and same time. The day and time would depend on your availability, but usually classes take place during daytime. Lingo Flamingo provides you with the teaching materials and extensive training, all you have to bring is motivation. We teach only Spanish, Italian, French and German, as those language are the most popular. The language classes are on a very basic level, so you do not need to be a native speaker. Volunteers are required to become members of the PVG scheme.