Shetland Mental Health Forum

The objectives of the Forum are:
a) To promote events and projects which promote a mentally healthy lifestyle, an awareness of mental health issues and that tackle the stigma surrounding mental health; this includes sharing project ideas and plans with members and working proactively to promote such and providing support for mental health awareness projects in the community.
b) To make the Shetland Mental Health Forum approachable, accessible and of benefit to the Shetland community by promoting the Forum and openly inviting views from the community.
c) To contribute to the wider debate regarding development of local strategies for the promotion of positive mental health and access to services throughout Shetland.
d) To promote, through the SMHP, the implementation of local strategies, which includes the Communication and Engagement Framework, and recommend the provision of the necessary resources for agencies to tackle identified problems at a local level. It also includes using the Forum's seat(s) on SMHP to this advantage whenever possible.
e) To promote multi-agency working and co-ordination between statutory agencies at a local level, with the opportunity for groups and services to provide information and updates at Forum meetings.
f) To contribute to the debate on best practice including the recovery based approach and value for money and to share information and experience with others.

Current opportunity

Shetland Mental Health Forum require a volunteer administrator. An average commitment of about 1 hour per week with attendance at the Forum for 2 hours every other month is required. The duties would be taking the minutes, typing them up, checking with the Chair and Vice Chair and then distributing them. There would also be assistance to the Chair with correspondence, which is very little. About two weeks before each Forum the volunteer administrator will meet with the Chair and Vice Chair to set an agenda which then needs to be typed up and sent out to members. Other duties include keeping a diary of the meetings and arranging venues.