Strathmore Rugby Club

Current opportunities

If you are looking to gain experience within the catering field, Strathmore Rugby Club are looking for a Catering Volunteer. Specific tasks include preparation of food, serving visitors food and clearing away left overs as well as keeping kitchen clean and tidy.

Working alongside a key member of staff within Strathmore Rugby Club helping to make sure both the club and grounds are maintained and fit for purpose at all times.

As Volunteer Coach, the main role is: • to provide support to the coaches and players delivering parts of the session, teaching skills on a 1:1 or small group basis • to support integration of new players Tasks involved: • assisting the coaches to prepare the pitch for the session and to clear the pitch at the end of the session; • encouraging the participation of the players by taking part in all activities and showing players how to participate; • leading parts of the session including warm-up, agility, skills and games with direction from the coaches; • supporting the integration of new players according to their needs; • engaging with the families and encouraging them to feel part of the club; • following all policies and procedures including the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and supporting the players to understand the policies and procedures as they apply to them; • taking part in the break rota, helping to set up the break area and ensuring that it is cleaned up afterwards; • participating in various fundraising activities to help ensure the future development and long-term security of the club.

Events Volunteers will help promote club facilities as a venue for parties, meetings and hospitality events. Main role will include marketing the club facilities, identifying potential interested people, liaising with the community and create a calendar of social events for members.