Catesbi Community Interest Company

Our aim is to improve lives of children with autism using Applied Behaviour Analysis. We do this by offering training to:

  • Families of Children in need of behavioural intervention to increase the child’s life skills, communication skills and independence.

  • Professionals working with children with developmental delays to upskill them and being able to teach using evidence based strategies.

Current opportunity

Catesbi provides consultancy services, training and support to families and professionals in Tayside struggling with challenging behaviour of children and young people. We are keen to attract volunteers to our existing board who may have: 1) EXPERIENCE of working with children with challenging behaviour, children with disabilities, children from deprived backgrounds – such as parents, teachers, medical professionals or, 2) KNOWLEDGE and expertise in other skills: health & social care, social enterprise, finance, marketing, HR and/or legal. We are registered as a Community Interest Company. In-order to sustain this vital service as a part of prevention and early intervention, potential board members will be responsible for; collaborative working, informed decision making, quality assurance, the implementation of policy and robust governance which will ultimately contribute to the continued development of a young social enterprise in the city of Dundee. The Board will meet once every two months and Board members would be expected to attend more than half of the meetings annually.