Healthcare Improvement Scotland (Shetland)

Healthcare Improvement Scotland is the national improvement organisation for the NHS in Scotland. We work with all health boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships to improve services and outcomes for the people of Scotland

Current opportunity

You will help us include people’s different experiences of health and care to make sure that public views are better represented in our work. How you will be taking part You will be asked to give us your feedback on specific questions about health and care. For example you will have opportunities to: • share your views on some of our ideas, improvements and work programmes to give us a better idea of what is important to people in your area • help us find out how people read and understand our reports, websites or information about health and care • work with us when we are thinking about how to engage with people across Scotland on a topic or a change. You can help us shape and test our questions, test understanding of the topic and discover what is most important to people. Support offered We will talk to you about how you would like to be contacted by us to give us your views. We will ask you about any requirements you have so we can support you to take part. For example if you usually have support from personal assistants or interpreters. If we are meeting face-to-face we will use accessible meeting places and cover travel and support expenses that you may have, according to the rules set out in our expenses policy. We will provide you with introductory information about Healthcare Improvement Scotland, what it does and what your role will be so that you are able to take part. What you could get out of it Volunteering has been shown to have a positive effect on volunteers. Volunteering in this role may give you a sense of purpose or may help you gain confidence and new knowledge. As a volunteer with us you can help improve the health and care experience of people receiving care in Scotland. This role may also give you opportunities to meet other volunteers in your own or other areas and be part of a community of volunteers within Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Other relevant information Healthcare Improvement Scotland is seeking to recruit volunteers with a range of different experiences and identities. We are particularly keen to involve disabled people, people who are black, Asian or from a minority ethnic group and people who are living on low incomes as we know that any of these things can cause differences in people’s health. It is important to us that we are able to listen to a broad range of people to hear about their different experiences of health and care. You can find out more about Healthcare Improvement Scotland at this link: You can find out more about volunteering with Healthcare Improvement Scotland at this link: