Clyde Cycle Park SCIO (SL)

Clyde Cycle Park SCIO aims to increase public participation in cycling and other sports through the regeneration and improvement of physical, social and economic infrastructure of the Cambuslang area. The charity incorporates a number of partners including Cambuslang Community Council and seeks to establish a leisure/sports facility for road-race cycling and related sports activities at a site in Cambuslang.

Current opportunity

We need help with some administration tasks, particularly writing up minutes from meetings and helping us keep our website up to date. Meetings take place online on a weekly basis and last for 1 hour. Our website needs to be kept up to date as we are moving very quickly this year. We are aware that not everyone is on social media, and that a good website is kept up to date, regardless of the content. We want to ensure our website clearly represents the changes at the cycle park as they happen.