HM Coastguard North Scotland

HM Coastguard coordinates all maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations in the UK through a network of coastguard stations, operating 24 hours a day. Staff in operations rooms coordinate the response to a variety of incidents from lost or missing people to climbers stuck on cliffs or vessels missing at sea.

HM Coastguard receives requests for assistance in many forms including 999 calls, mayday and pan pan broadcast, calls on VHF DSC and Channel 16 and satellite distress calls.

Current opportunity

As a volunteer, you could be involved in a range of situations, from mud, cliff and water rescues to searches for missing people. Coastguard rescue officers: could be called out at any time of the day or night may have to work in hazardous situations will build great connections and earn valuable experience will not be paid - you may be able to claim a small amount for your expenses can volunteer alongside your regular job - just remember to ask your employer if you can respond to incidents during your working hours