Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness

Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is a Community Interest Company which exists to work with communities to improve key health and fitness concerns, via education and employment.

Current opportunity

Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness (ABW) delivers fitness industry education to local people in local communities. Once qualified as a fitness professionals, ABW will employ the fitness professional to deliver wellness classes, as asked for by the community, to benefit the health of the local community. To assist us succeed in our quest for a healthier, happier community we are asking for volunteers to help us in compiling and successfully submitting funding applications to enable the work and volunteering that we are doing to expand. We are looking for self motivated individuals with expertise in submitting funding applications, to local and national government and other organisations who may advertise funds that we may make applications to. This may suit a retired person who has worked in the third/voluntary sector, in this area previously and understands the requirements of these applications. It may suit a 3rd or 4th year student with knowledge of the third sector field. Or it may suit someone currently employed in this area and wish to support a new Community and Social Enterprise to grow or anyone interested in helping with funding support. You are able to volunteer from home. Your own computer is essential. The time required to devote to this post may vary, depending on the information needed. An application may take anything from 1-3 hours. An estimate of time for this post is 4-8 hours across the month. As a newly established Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise, ABW would love to have enthusiastic, organised and self motivated people with us on our journey of successfully providing wellness in every local communities of Aberdeen. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated. Please contact Laura Walker, CEO at email: you@blueberrywellness.co.uk or telephone: 07773021851.