Shetland Tall Ships Ltd

Shetland Tall Ships Limited supports the aim of Sail Training International (STI) in its mission of experiential learning through Sail Training and in promoting international friendship and understanding.

Through hosting STI's Tall Ships Races in Lerwick, we will further this aim by providing opportunities for young people and sustaining and growing the Shetland community.

Fot the Tall Ships Races 2023, we aim to deliver a safe event promoting Shetland at its best to an international audience.

In line with our Mission Statement, we have the following goals:
• To provide Sail Training International with an exceptional Race port for 2023.
• To provide Race participants with a positive and memorable experience of Shetland
• To encourage active participation of young people in the event and ongoing sail training development in Shetland.
• To promote Shetland as an attractive place to live and work.
• To promote Shetland as a tourism and events destination.
• To enhance Shetland's reputation for hospitality and quality products.
• To celebrate Shetalnd's culture.
• To reaffirm Shetland's capability to host major international events.
• To make better connections with other seafaring communities.
• To work together as a community to deliver an enjoyable and worthwhile event.
• To maximise the socia-economic returns of hosting the event in Shetland.

Current opportunities

A dedicated venue will be provided for ships' crews to visit and access free soft/hot drinks, wi-fi, and interact with other crew members. This facility will be available in a central location from 10:00 - 20:00hrs each day from Tuesday 25th July - Saturday 29th July (closing at 13:00 on Saturday). Liaison staff will be required to assist crew members with any enquiries and to supervise the area.

Across the various events sites, there are a number of roles for volunteers to assist with the safe and secure flow of people within designated areas. This includes monitoring access to crew-only areas, and general site supervision - bringing any issues to the attention of the Duty Site Manager or security team. There may also be opportunities to assist in the marshalling of crew members during the Crew Parade. Stewards and Marshals can volunteer for individual days, or the full event, depending on availability. Duty times will vary between 09:00 - 01:00 hours.

The main event sites will require central information points where public can access information on activity and event schedules, purchase programmes and merchandise, and request general information. Volunteers in this role will be public-facing and require good overall knowledge of the event programme and locations. Duty times for this role will be approximately 10:30 - 21:00 each event day and can be split into shifts depending on applicants' availability.

The Liaison Team are an integral part of the fleet while they ae in Lerwick and they work closely with the ships - even before their arrival in port. Individual Liaison Officers are appointed to each ship to act as their local point of contact and ensure the captain and crew have access to information, advice and services required. Liaison Officers are required to attend a morning briefing at around 08:00 each day of the event then report to their assgned ship to pass on messages and updates for the day. During the day, Liaison Officers will assist crew with bookings for tours and activities, and direct them to the correct location for their designated transport. Volunteers who are friendly, confident, interested in developing international friendships, and have a good sense of local knowledge are particularly well suited to this role. Liaison Officers are Ambassadors for the port, and Shetland, as they represent our community aboard the ships. Liaison Officers will need to be available on siter from Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th July 2023, with an 08:00 start each day.