Eyemouth Primary Playing Fields junior parkrun

This is a community-lead event that provides a weekly safe, friendly and fun way for 4 - 14 year olds to exercise outdoors over a 2km distance. The organisation parkrun is global, with adult 5km routes in addition to the junior events throughout the world. There are volunteering opportunities at each event e.g. marshalling along the course - this involves cheering on the children and ensuring they follow the correct route, time- keeping, barcode scanning and volunteer co-ordinating. It is very socially inclusive and there is a job for all abilities. This means that junior parkrun is more than just about the children getting fitter. Also, as many of the adults run with their children, it has widespread public health improvement potential.

Current opportunity

This is a community-lead event manned entirely with volunteers. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life while helping children to exercise outdoors in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment. Role Description: There are several, including setting up the course with way markers, marshalling - cheering on the children and ensuring they follow the route, technical jobs like time-keeping and barcode scanning using a mobile phone, handing out finish tokens, organising the volunteers on arrival, closing down the course and removing all the signs. The children do a short warm-up before running and this is led by a volunteer too. Skills/Experience required; All training is given on the day and only basic mobile phone skills are required for the timekeeping and barcode scanning. Being comfortable around children and encouraging them by cheering and clapping to complete the course are the main skills required. The role is matched to the individual, who has the choice to take on whatever role they feel comfortable with. Most roles can be done standing or sitting. The organisation parkrun is an inclusive body that tries to ensure that volunteers feel valued and part of a team.