Gilfillan Parent and Toddlers Group

Charity registered in Scotland SC014540

A member of the church started a parent and toddlers group some years ago. When they left I decided to start it up again. When we went into lockdown I had several children coming but they are now at school. I started the group several weeks ago and am just building my numbers up. This week I had some of the Ukrainian ladies come with there children. The poor families were stuck in a hotel with nothing for the children to do. I had 12 children this week and I know the word will get around and the numbers will increase. I am on my own and even though the mums are there feel that I need some others to play with the children and give these mums a break. I don’t charge there is a tin for anyone who wants put in it. Because I open at 12 till 3 I am providing soup and yogurts for anyone who wants it. Volunteers would get too. There is also tea/coffee and biscuits and juice and fruit for the children.

Current opportunity

As a Play Worker for Gilfillan Parent & Toddlers Group, you will be playing with children, helping them with painting/crafts. reading stories. playing games. Also might be good for a Ukrainian who wishes to volunteer as we now have children who are Ukrainian and do not speak English. Volunteers can also bring the experience with children that they can put on a CV if they are looking for a job such as in a nursery.