Young Person's Befriending Project

Everyone needs positive connections in their lives, but not all children and young people have
many of these supportive relationships - that’s where Befriending comes in. Befriending is a really
rewarding way to make a difference to someone else’s life, and an opportunity to take part in lots
of different activities and hobbies and meet lots of like-minded people in the Befriending Team.

Current opportunity

The Young People’s Befriending Project is expanding its horizons and hoping to support even more children and young people in Orkney this year. The service has lowered its referral age to 5 years old and is simultaneously developing a more intentional, mentoring approach to the older young people it supports. The Volunteering Team is looking to expand once again so that the Project can offer this support to more of Orkney’s young people. All you need are a few free hours every fortnight, an enthusiasm to work alongside a child or young person, a hobby or interest to share, and a friendly and kind personality – and we’ll take care of the rest.