Graham's Kitchen

Graham’s Kitchen was started about 12 years ago to offer a hot meal and fellowship to those in need on a Saturday evening In the City centre. It is one of a network of support groups in Dundee that offer this but it is the only one on a Saturday. The majority of our guests will have addiction issues and many also have mental health issues.

Current opportunity

We set up in the Auto Windscreen forecourt behind the Overgate between 7.30 and 9.00pm on a Saturday evening. In the time I’ve been helping, the most I’ve seen is 45 clients and the least 9. During the Covid lockdown we continued to provide hot food as well as filled rolls, cake, fruit etc that those in need can take away. With the ending of lockdown measures we are seeing more people turn up and we are getting 30+ on an average evening. With 5 teams in place a volunteer would be doing 1 Saturday in 5. There is of course no reason why people couldn't volunteer to help other teams too if they like. What does the Kitchen consist of? We have a stock of equipment/stores including a picnic table, Norwegian insulated container, large flasks, plates/bowls etc. We normally cook mince, pasta or whatever as well as fill flasks. This is taken to the Overgate just before 7.30 ready to start. So how can people help? Well we need volunteers to: · Cook the food · Drive it to the Overgate and collect any donations from shops etc · Help serve it and chat to the clients who are there.