Coastwatch West Fife

To assist in the preservation and protection of life at sea, along the coast and at inland waterways such as lochs, ponds, burns, canals, reservoirs, by keeping visual watch over activities both leisure and commercial. In particular by the provision of alerting posts / lookout stations and coastal surveillance patrols in order to protect and safeguard lives. In furtherance of this object but not further or otherwise the organisation shall seek:

To establish and maintain an organisation of skilled volunteers to undertake surveillance duties in the interests of the safety of the general public;

To assist the local authorities and emergency services where possible;

To organise and participate in water safety education and other initiatives helping to save lives.

To advance the education of the public, of all ages without discrimination, in all aspects of water safety, drowning prevention and maritime skills;

To assist in safeguarding the coastal and marine environment including wildlife on the Forth Estuary and along its shores;

To help safeguard the lives of the ever expanding number of coastal users;

To watch over vulnerable craft and activities on the Forth Estuary and along the shore;

Current opportunity

Coastwatch is a volunteer based new, coastal safety and monitoring organisation made up of people from all walks of life, who have an interest in, and concern for the safety of coastal users on the Forth estuary. This includes shores, beaches, harbours at and around the West Fife Coast. Coastwatch is NOT a rescue organisation - their role is to Spot, Plot, Report & Update. Accidents happen and technology cannot spot a distress flare, children or adults in trouble, an overturned boat, a water sports enthusiast in difficulty or navigational hazards such as floating tree trunks. That is why lookouts and volunteer watch keepers are an important service. All necessary training is provided. So even if you don’t know your latitude from your longitude, but can spare a few hours per month, they would love to hear from you. Coastwatch West Fife has recently gained Declared Facility Status (DFS) with HM Coastguard and now a full member of The Sea Safety Group) (