Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN)

SCCAN / Transition Scotland Hub is a network of community groups and organisations. Our Purpose is to support community-led action to address the climate and nature emergency and work for a just, thriving and resilient Scotland.

We do this by:

-Enabling communications across the network e.g. through newsletters, opportunities for members to be part of participatory media projects, events, social media etc.

-Developing and sharing ideas and building capacity in our movement by organising events, gatherings, and trainings related to climate action across the country.

-Being involved with British, European and worldwide climate action networks and sharing best of practice with our membership

-Inspiring communities by providing online tools for networking, sharing of best practice, and showcasing projects between community groups and beyond.

-Communicating and developing the discourse of community climate action wherever possible including in Scottish Government (through meetings, consultations etc), across social media, through partnering with a wide range of organisations etc.

-Building understanding of the role and potential of communities in climate action within civil society by partnering and collaborating with other Scottish community networks (e.g. through Scottish Community Alliance), public sector, and business.

Current opportunities

This is an exciting role for you to use your love of working with people to empower the community, and to drive a groundswell of community action on climate change. You will work with volunteer hosts who will invite 8 – 12 friends and family to attend a Climate Conversation online or in their home. At these events, you will present to them about climate change (using our prepared scripts), the urgency for action and facilitate discussion that leads to a commitment to take more effective action. Our mission is to create the social climate for effective climate action in Scotland. Key Responsibilities - Imparting the urgency and scale of climate change to the people invited by the friends and family of each host - Inspiring attendees to commit to taking effective action on climate change - Attending monthly Ongoing Facilitator Training (1 hour?) - Recruiting more people to join as hosts and facilitators - Administration and record keeping of your Conversations - Maintaining our a host database and your own activity spreadsheet - Evaluating Conversations and providing feedback for improvement

Our events volunteers would commit a couple of hours every two weeks to help set up events, run events, facilitate events, and communicate with the team, speakers, and attendees.