Feed the Minds (Shetland)

Charity registered in Scotland SC046591

Feed The Minds is a UK based international development charity with over 50 years' experience in delivering practical education projects to people experiencing extreme poverty, conflict, and /or discrimination throughout the world. We believe that each person deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilled life, free from poverty and discrimination in all its forms. and that education paves the way for people to be agents of change in their own lives.

Our current funded projects , for example, are arming people who are experiencing food shortages and who are already being hard-hit by the climate crisis with sustainable farming skills in Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Cameroon. And we're offering business classes to women in Kenya, and supporting women in Uganda to produce reusable sanitary pads as part of an effort to encourage the development of social enterprises and to spread awareness about women's health.

Current opportunity

Feed The Minds is celebrating UNESCO's fourth annual International Day of Education on 24th January. Please help us in this endeavour by hosting a Skillshare Extravaganza Fundraising Event! We believe that access to education is a human right, and that we will not achieve gender equality and break the cycle of poverty that is currently leaving millions of children and adults behind without ensuring that inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning opportunities are available to all. By hosting a Skillshare Extravaganza Fundraising Event you will help Feed the Minds support edifying, life-changing educational opportunities for people throughout the world. You will also likely be arming participants with the ability to minimise waste, tackle consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. By gathering together, participants will learn new skills, build self-reliant and resilient communities, establish and nurture links between old and young, rich and poor , and maybe even learn how to make pesto! Or perhaps you'll learn finger knitting, to say hello in Swedish, arrange flowers, or build a compost bin!?! HOW TO HOST A SKILLSHARE EXTRAVAGANZA FUNDRAISING EVENT IN SUPPORT OF FEED THE MINDS: Talk to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, etc. about what skills, hobbies, information they might be willing to share at a skillsharing event. Find a venue - whether indoors or outdoors - to hold the event. Or hold the event online! Post information about your skillshare event online and in your community. Have a think about how donations for Feed The Minds will be collected at your event. Will you request a flat entry fee or encourage donations based on what individuals feel comfortable contributing? Show up to your Skillshare Extravaganza ready to learn, have fun, and to make a real difference in the lives of the people Feed the Minds works with around the world. https://www.feedtheminds.org/ You'll have fun with friends and learn new skills! PLEASE KNOW THAT SUPPORT AND ADVICE IS AVAILABLE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.