The Collective

Current opportunity

Voluntary Action Angus, Angus Women’s Aid, Deaf Links, Relationship Scotland FM and Children’s Health Scotland have joined together to look at what can be learned from the COVID-19 response to help improve the design and delivery of services across Angus. This research will look at: - How COVID-19 has impacted on communities across Angus - What can be learned from how communities and organisations responded to COVID-19 - How this can be used to inform the development of services and support to tackle issues which have arisen during the pandemic or have been exacerbated by the pandemic Community Researchers will help us develop the research questions, gather information from people in their communities and help us get our survey out across Angus and sense check the findings and recommendations. If you want to find out more about becoming a community researcher please get in touch. Training and a small payment in exchange for your time.