Fair Trade Stirling

Current opportunity

Fair Trade Stirling works locally and globally to advance the cause of fair trade. We work with our fair trade producer partners and their communities, especially in Malawi, raise awareness of fair trade locally and help local people in Stirling who are on low income through donations of fair trade rice. We are looking for people to volunteer with us. Some examples of the types of role you could play. This is flexible depending on your abilities, time and preferences: •Organising local events and initiatives. These may be about raising funds, raising awareness of fair trade or supporting the communities we work with locally and globally •Helping with local events and initiatives •Helping with our website and Facebook page – keeping them up to date •Bringing new ideas – if you can help carry them out! If you are in work or looking for work, volunteering with us can add to your CV and your employer’s record on corporate social responsibility If you are in a youth organisation or aiming to get a Duke of Edinburgh award or similar, this can be a new fun activity and help you get your badge or award. Our work relates to several themes including fair trade, sustainability, climate change, social enterprise and global citizenship.