Current opportunities

Stirling Community Enterprise (SCE) are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic volunteer to work in our garden space and participate in our 'Grow Project' This opportunity will show participants the basics of growing fresh vegetables and other gardening skills. This will include planting raised flower beds and how to prepare home grown produce in the kitchen. No previous experience is required. This exciting opportunity will allow volunteers to work outdoors and learn practical skills and gain more knowledge about how our food is grown. If interested, please contact us -

Stirling Community Enterprise (SCE) are Looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to participate in our 'Build Back into Traditional Skills' Program. This is a 6 week opportunity that aim's to provide participants with basic knowledge on Woodwork, Stonemasonry and joinery. The course will be run at the old Kildean Hospital Gardens running from around 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday for six weeks. You will be directly involved in the construction of Planter beds, the building of an outdoor woodwork camp, an outdoor function space and general garden maintenance. No previous experience/skills are required. There is no requirement to commit to the full 6 weeks as drop in taster sessions are available however we would ideally like it if volunteers committed to the full 6 week program. Additionally, Volunteers who would be looking to seek employment in construction after this course is finished would have the option to complete their Construction Skills certification Scheme (CSCS) training with us. This is an exciting opportunity that allows participants to not only gain practical work experience through their volunteering. But offers hands on practical learning of skills that can be used over and over again. If interested Please please contact