Scottish Fire and Rescue

We are a fire and rescue service. We respond to many different emergency incidents including road traffic collisions, rope rescue, water rescue, hazardous materials and flooding as well as assisting our partner agencies to keep our communities safe.

Current opportunity

Volunteer Youth Instructors will support the delivery of the SFRS Youth Volunteer Scheme. They will provide support, guidance, encouragement and advice to young people whilst developing their skills and knowledge. They will engage with and mentor young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors and be sufficiently equipped with improved life skills. They will also ensure that young people have a practical understanding of the SFRS and are able to play supportive roles in preventative community safety by developing positive peer relationships. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES • Contribute to the aims and outcomes of SFRS Youth Volunteer Scheme by supporting the Local Scheme Coordinator to deliver the programme to young people. • Support the selection of young people wanting to participate in the programme. • Provide support, guidance, encouragement and advice to young people as appropriate. • Contribute to learning events and facilitate personal development of young people and assist with the delivery of lessons plans and activities from the SFRS YVS syllabus. Volunteer Instructor V6 pg. 5 • Provide information on performance of young people to the Local Scheme Co-ordinator as required. • Monitor the attendance of young people and participation of young people in events and activities. • Communicate promptly and efficiently with Local Scheme Co-ordinators including raising any issues around timekeeping and availability. • Assist the Local Scheme Co-ordinator with general administrative tasks as required. • Ensure confidentiality and security of information is maintained during your time as a volunteer, or at any time afterwards, in line with the general data protection regulations. • Assist with managing the wellbeing of young people in line with the SFRS policies and procedures and reporting any observations or concerns. • Support and mentor newly appointed Volunteer Youth Instructors, Volunteers and colleagues sharing good practise where necessary. • Any other responsibility deemed appropriate by the LSO/P & P Function in support of the SFRS Youth Volunteer Scheme