Crieff & Strathearn Museum

Charity registered in Scotland SC048238

C&SM will provide a space for sharing and learning new skills through volunteering opportunities. One of the great benefits of visiting museums is that it allows you to change your perspectives and place yourself in the shoes of others who went before.
We want to instil a sense of pride locally and enhance the area with increased interest and visitors.

Current opportunity

Join a small group of existing trustees who are working to establish a museum in Crieff for Crieff & Strathearn. We are looking to share our rich story of this area and the importance of Streathearn’s place in our nation’s history. Are you local to this area and have energy and drive to help us bring this project together? Bring your specific skills to the table It could be fundraising, connecting with the people, leading on a specific exhibition, IT and social media skills, recruiting and supporting other volunteers.