Fresh Community Wellness SCIO

Charity registered in Scotland SC051346

Operating from Seaton and Linksfield neighbourhoods, and surrounding areas, we are a volunteer, lived experience and local resident led community charity. We believe in a salutogenic approach to community wellness.

A ‘salutogenic’ approach is one that focuses on factors that support health and wellbeing, beyond a more traditional, ‘pathogenic’ focus on risk and problems.

This approach is widely used around the world – in health, education, workplaces, architectural design – and we believe it has enormous relevance in the transformation of the community.

Current opportunity

Fresh Community Wellness is a growing grassroots charity, registered Scottish Charity Number, SC051346. We operate out of Aberdeen city, working within a (S.I.M.D) high neighbourhood to create lasting change and build a legacy for the future. Predominantly in Seaton neighbourhoods and outdoors, we work with volunteers/residents, with a salutogenic approach to community wellness. To help with this we have great opportunities and need people to help out as volunteers for a range of roles including: *Food growing, gardeners, greenspace management, tidy ups volunteers. *Mentors, community engagement, events, entertainers (kids, adults, 55+). *Outdoors games & sports volunteers, building outdoor areas for residents (sheltered housing seating), health. *Artists/ Sculptors to begin on our Street Art & Design projects, and sculptures. *Admin, coordinators, team lead volunteers, advisors & support volunteers. *Drop-in café helpers, advisors, cooking assistants. All are fantastic opportunities to make a real difference for people and communities in Aberdeen. Excellent support and relevant training is provided to all volunteers. For more details about these volunteer roles or other ways you can help support the important work and volunteering at Fresh Community Wellness SCIO, please contact our website or email us at or