Pet Fostering Service Scotland (PFSS) - Falkirk

Charity registered in Scotland SC015672

PFSS is a registered charity which provides a unique service, supporting pet owners who are in one of the following emergency situations:

  • Ill health
  • Temporary homelessness
  • Domestic abuse

If a pet owner is in one of these situations and is unable to afford boarding fees or arrange any other care for their pet, then PFSS will try to help.

PFSS does not operate a boarding centre or kennels but relies solely on volunteers who welcome the pet into their own home.

Our fosterers have been approved through an assessment process and had a home visit by our team.

Current opportunities

We offer care for all types of pets, from cats & dogs to snakes & hamsters. A fosterer: - Gives a temporary home to a pet, for sometimes for a week, often a month or more. - Takes full responsibility for the pet during that time. - Provides the pet care, feeding & exercise (where appropriate). - Gives a pet a ‘home from home’ taking away the worry of pet care from the owner at a difficult time. - Is a serious and sometimes difficult role but with positive rewards for helping both pets and owners. - Enjoys caring for a pet that is often distressed having been parted from their owner… but pets do settle. - Has the satisfaction of helping, especially when seeing a pet being reunited with its owner. - Has all expenses refunded and any veterinary costs paid. - Is supported by the PFSS Area Organiser and the PFSS experienced team. Pet Fostering: - Is NOT a shortcut or temporary way to satisfy children in the family wanting a pet. - Is NOT something to keep children amused or occupied or can take a dog for a walk. - Is NOT a short term volunteering role or just for lockdown, we ask volunteers to take a least two foster pets each year. - Is NOT suitable for dog care if the home is unoccupied for hours every day, pets need company. We ask potential fosterers, who must be over 18, to complete a comprehensive application form, which asks for the name and address of a referee that has known the applicant for over 3 years and who is not a family member. We may ask for a reference. We also carry out a ‘virtual’ home visit combined with an interview. PFSS requires that the applicant signs a declaration relating to any record of ‘criminal behaviour against animals’ & confirmation that the PFSS regulations including confidentiality (that no social media regarding fostering is allowed) and pet care will be met.

Virtual Home Assessors play a vital role in delivery of our service by interviewing potential volunteer pet foster carers to assess their house, home situation and the fosterer. Home assessments are required to deem an applicant is suitable to be a pet fosterer. These will be carried out virtually, via video call or telephone. Any of the following may be suitable: Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc.