Age Concern Ayr

Age Concern Ayr is a registered Charity in Scotland dedicated to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of the those aged 55+ in South Ayrshire.
Age Concern Ayr is 100% funded by the Charity Shop and Public Donation and all money raised is used for the benefit of residents in South Ayrshire.
We have been operating in South Ayrshire since the opening of our Charity Shop in 1975.
Very quickly The Charity Shop proved to be a great success, but something else was needed.
Customers to the shop were looking for advice on a number of topics ranging from benefits to details on local lunch clubs.
Although the shop volunteers at the time dealt with these enquiries as best they could, it was evident that there was a local need for more.
With funds that had been raised from the Charity Shop it was decided that an Advice & Information Centre would be established and after 13 years of hard work by dedicated Volunteers this was realised in late 1987.

Current opportunities

Are you interested in the welfare of seniors living in Ayrshire? Do you have 2 hours a month to spare? If so, we would like you to volunteer with us and join our committee. At Age Concern Ayr, we have two main resources - our Charity Shop and our Advice & Information Centre which provide opportunities for our local population to support its elderly community. Our shop offers loads of pre-loved items at great prices. The funds from this allow us to run a free and confidential advice and information service to help you and provide advice on benefits, general information and much more. Our Advice & Information centre exists to create the best possible outcomes for elderly people by providing practical support and advice to those experiencing a feeling of being left behind by amongst other things today’s technology where every application seems to be online and details asked for digitally. Main duties: Ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the community benefit. Comply with the charity's governing document. Act in the charity's best interests. Ensure the charity is accountable. Manage the charity's resources responsibly.

Main duties: We would love to find some new people to help in our Crown Street charity shop which is open Monday to Saturday. We have teams of volunteers working each day: receiving, unpacking and pricing donations; helping on the shop floor; and serving customers. Ideally volunteers would be able to commit to a full day each week, but even half a day would be welcome.