One Step Borders - Befriending Programme

One Step Borders supports young people in the Scottish Borders, with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We do this by:
Offering free 1:1 support with the individual.
Raising awareness and spreading knowledge about mental health.
Supporting families with a young person experiencing difficulties with their mental health and/ or emotional well being.

Current opportunity

Interacting with young people we support through an interest you have in common. Befrienders are Virtual Volunteers who connect and interact with the young people we support through a skill interest or hobby that they have in common. Befrienders provide support in a casual way that gives young people a sense of inclusion, routine, and engagement. Basic social elements that young people often deny themselves when experiencing mental health challenges. Whether you have an artistic talent that you want to share or have industry experience that young people might find helpful, it is all about finding what our young people are looking for. The Befriending Programme was born from the work of our Virtual Volunteers during lockdown, so all Befriending sessions will be virtual. A contract detailing the logistics of the session will be drawn up between you and your supervisor, and online training is provided.