MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd

MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd a range of gentle movements and lifestyle interventions that will help the elderly and all populations experiencing acknowledged health issues to maintain and/or improve their general well-being, physical and mental health. Sessions are either delivered in an appropriate environment or via digital platform.

Current opportunities

Position Summary Responsibilities • Safely transport clients as directed by the MorphFit Gentle Movement Project • Provide a friendly and caring conversation along the way • Ensure that all passengers are wearing their seatbelt and abiding safety procedures • Report any wellbeing, health or safety concerns regarding a passenger • Inform MorphFit Gentle Movement Project of availability • Respect confidentiality • Immediately report incidences, accidents to MorphFit We prefer a commitment of an average of 2 hours per week Requirements • A current, valid and clean driver’s license • Satisfactory Police Vulnerable Sector Check (cost reimbursed after 2 months and 16 hours of driving) • A registered, insured and inspected vehicle • Good verbal communication skills • Compassionate and understanding of the diverse situations and life experiences of our clients

To support and assist in the running of the Morphfit Gentle Movement classes. Duties include: - Arriving early and setting up chairs and equipment - Ensuring clients have signed the class register - Monitoring client’s fitness exertion levels - Providing water to clients during the class - Actively taking part in the fitness class and conversing with clients -To encourage and congratulate clients on their successes - Cleaning up and reorganising the room after classes Good organisational skills and timekeeping are required for the classes to be ready for clients in advance of their arrival. The ability to converse with clients and provide encouragement. Good observational skills to monitor clients exertion levels to ensure everyone is taking part safely. Most importantly, the ability to take part and have fun with our clients to ensure a positive and progressive environment. Full training and support will be provided to ensure that you are comfortable in the role. You will also always have the support of a class instructor who will be leading the exercise class Through this position volunteers can expect to build their confidence and planning skills. Building lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients and monitoring their progress. Taking pride in their work knowing that their effort greatly improves the lives of our clients. The experience gained can also lead to further opportunities in the health and fitness industry.

Social enterprise, MorphFit Gentle Movement Project is a community action project which- • Improves physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. • Supports early intervention, prevention, and self-management. • Works collaboratively with health and social care, enhancing patient outcomes. • Is committed to improving unscheduled care and optimising immediate care. • Creates opportunities to bring people together and create meaningful relationships. • Supports vulnerable groups including those with acknowledged health conditions, those with additional needs, the ageing population, carers and those suffering from isolation and loneliness. • Provides a hub for our community which is inclusive, safe, accessible and enables people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Light chair-based exercise and lifestyle interventions form a core part of our function. Our group physical activities provide many health benefits, ranging from managing stress, to improving sleep and sustaining social connections to reducing health risks and more. The organisation supports vulnerable groups across the third, public and private sectors. We are looking to develop new relationships within the private care sector. The Engagement Assistant will work alongside our Engagement & Development Officer to increase awareness of our services in areas such as care homes. You will contribute to increasing the wellbeing of vulnerable groups by… • Raising awareness – reaching out to private health care providers to highlight MorphFit’s work and impact. • Use stories to motivate care providers to host a free trial session with MorphFit. • Build a database and engage with care providers across Lanarkshire, Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire. What you will gain- • Opportunities to learn about lifestyle interventions and how to engage in conversation with others. • Support from the Engagement & Development Officer to help you to research and engage with private care sector organisations. • The opportunity to share your existing or develop new skills in a friendly and supportive environment. • Networking experience for a reputable social enterprise, including relationship management. • Regular meeting to discuss your volunteering experience and what other opportunities and training may be available to you. • Being part of a wide range of staff, volunteers and supporters all working together to improve wellbeing. • A reference for volunteering with MorphFit. Core tasks: As a volunteer within our development team, you will: • Proactively source opportunities to engage with private health care providers • Use stories to inspire and encourage organisations to include gentle movement within their programme of activities. • Represent MorphFit across the sector, including sharing information on our services. • Provide feedback on activity and share insights with the Engagement & Development Manager about further opportunities or working partnerships. • Record all outreach. Who we are looking for: Someone with the passion to inspire and engage others with the cause of increasing wellbeing amongst vulnerable groups. • Motivation and confidence to source partnership opportunities. • A good communicator comfortable with outreach work. • Good organisational skills and reliability. • Access to your own computer and broadband/ data. • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets and email. • Able to adapt information for your audience. • The ability to work with the wider team to increase awareness of MorphFit. • An understanding of the importance of adhering to policies and processes. Including confidentiality, data protection principles and maintaining boundaries.