The Stephen Lyon Organisation (SLO)

Charity registered in Scotland SC050446

SLO is a community based organisation working to provide a support within Kinross and surrounding areas. We specialise in empowering those experiencing suicidal thoughts or struggling with aspects of their life to take back control.

We recognise that volunteers are valuable team members that enriches community growth and development. Our staff & volunteers adopt a person-centred approach in making voluntary and community action effective. Volunteers are given the opportunity to maximise their abilities and skills, through helping our service users in a meaningful way.

Current opportunity

As a volunteer you will become a valuable member of the team delivering support through encouragement, empowerment. You will promote positive working relationships with people that experience suicidal thoughts or mental health difficulties. As a volunteer you will receive training in how to speak about thoughts a feelings associated to suicide without embarrassment or shame to the individual. You will be part of a service that is creating network links by working in partnership with other organisations. As a volunteer you will be given the opportunity to develop new skills and improve your knowledge, and by working with other agencies and organisations you will be part a multi-agency strategy that is committed to strengthening network links and challenging future economic and social changes. As a volunteer you will use technology to engage with people in innovative ways to ensure that we reach all current and future service users. By providing support to people experiencing mental health problems, you will be recognising diversity and the need for people, local communities and groups to respect the ways in which needs are addressed across the local areas. We encourage all staff and volunteers to strengthen their skills and knowledge and be open to new opportunities and challenges, to enable us to uphold the needs of the service.