Community Gift Exchange

Charity registered in Scotland SC047814

Community Gift Exchange is a charity situated in Ayrshire with a mission of creating a flourishing community in which everyone can participate in the fullness of life together. We believe that we can help build a community through the generous exchange of gifts such as our time, skills, expertise or funds. Community Gift Exchange enables volunteers to help release people into sustainable employment through working together on creative and practical projects that benefit our local community. At the core of CGX, our charitable purpose is the prevention and relief of poverty, the advancement of education, religion, health, citizenship and community development, and the relief of those in need.

Current opportunities

An excellent opportunity to volunteer within a charity with the mission of bettering our community and help people work towards sustainable employment. We are looking for someone with an interest in gaining some retail experience or volunteering in a shop front position. Main Tasks: ● Providing good customer service ● Working on the till and handling cash and card payments ● Pricing and labelling stock ● Organising and merchandising stock ● Light cleaning and tidying to keep the shop presentable

We are looking for someone with good organisational skills to help us organise our stockrooms and create a collection of buffer stock for our retail staff. The ideal volunteer would be someone who enjoys working behind the scenes, with an eye for picking out stock to fit the retail staff’s needs. Main tasks: ● Organising stock into boxes and onto shelves by product type ● Picking out stock that would be a good fit for the Reusables shop ● Creating a buffer stock area to help the retail team stock the shop ● Possibility of moving stock to and from the shop