Short-term volunteer

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Loch Arthur is a working shared living community which includes men and women with learning disabilities. Short-term volunteers join in one of our seven shared houses, participating in workshops and supporting adults with learning disabilities in day to day life. Joining the community as a volunteer can be a rich and rewarding experience. We attempt to live and work together in a way that recognises the dignity and uniqueness of each human being and does not distinguish between those who require support and those who give that support. We aim to create an enlivening and caring environment for all who live here. Each year up to 20 volunteers join us from the UK and all over the world to support our life in Loch Arthur. Many of these volunteers are taking a gap year after school, others are looking for a change in life, practical experience for further education or inspiration for different ways of living. Most of these volunteers find it worthwhile to spend a year living in the community, although shorter stays are possible. There are also possibilities for individuals, couples and families interested in making a longer-term commitment to this way of life. Work areas in Loch Arthur include farm, garden, creamery, bakery, weaving workshop, woodwork shop, farm shop and café and housework. We hope that volunteers joining us are willing and able to participate in any of these activities, depending on where the needs are in the Community at the time in question.

Organisation aims and objectives

Loch Arthur is a shared way of life in a modern rural Community. It offers security, together with challenges. We are committed to the fulfilment of the individual through a diversity of relationships and activities which create authentic social integration. The Loch Arthur Creamery and Farm Shop has grown out of the productive efforts of a diverse and vibrant Community. We are committed to creating meaningful work and making a positive contribution to the local economy.












Minimum age: 18