The supper club runs at Ramekin and Rolling Pin in Lenzie, every Wednesday evening 5-7pm. This is open to our neurodivergent community members. This is an opportunity for them to be supported to cook simple, healthy, inexpensive meals on a budget. Participants always get a chance to share a meal together as well and enjoy the social nature of that too.












Experience required: Skills: Good communication and listening skills are essential. An interest in supporting autistic people and people with a learning disability to become more independent. Attitudes: Empathy with people who have disability. Patience, kindness and tolerance. An understanding of some of the difficulties autistic people and those with a learning disability might have in relation to undertaking a group like this. Experience of working with disabled adults and young people would be helpful.
Travel details: Ramekin and Rolling Pins, Lenzie.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: More details can be found in the volunteer handbook. Details of how expenses are claimed will be explained at induction, but public transport, mileage at 0.45p whilst volunteering and any refreshment costs to the value of £3.50.
Training details: The volunteer will have the opportunity to attend the group as an observer before officially starting in their position. They will be shown what is involved in preparation for the group as well as how the group is facilitated each month and debriefing afterwards to answer any questions. They will also be able to have ongoing communication with the group facilitator should any issues or questions arise throughout their involvement with the group. They will also have regular check-ins with the Team Leader. They will also be offered free Autism Awareness training, Disability Awareness, and Adult Protection Training (not exhaustive list).